Inyo Mono Transit - CREST Bus Transportation to Ridgecrest or Reno, NV. The new CREST Bus system can take you from Mammoth Lakes to Ridgecrest OR from Bishop to Reno. Then make connections to any place else you want to go!

Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
Call 1-800-922-1930 or 1-760-872-1901 for more information

One way fares:
Bishop to Reno -- $28 Adults, $23 Seniors, Children, & Handicapped
Bishop to Ridgecrest -- $15.50 Adults, $13 Seniors, Children, & Handicapped

ESTA - Eastern Sierra Transit Authority - call 800-922-1930 for information

Rides from Lone Pine to Reno - click here for more information



YARTS - Yosemite Regional Transportation System

Download YARTS Summer 2012 Schedule Here