Experience the Beauty

Nearly one hundred and forty years ago, a new county was born. Its name very apporpriately was Mono, which in the Indian language means "beautiful." Mono County was justly named for it is crammed with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Picturesquely situated at the north end of the county is Antelope Valley. Here one may indulge in any sport during the year. Experience the beauty through: Horseback Riding, Biking, Boating, Hiking, Fishing, Camping, Skiing, Snowmobiling, and Cross Country Skiing. Nature here has given plentifully of her rarest treasures and it is for all of us to enjoy.

Antelope Valley is surrounded by forests, majestic snow capped mountains and countless exquisite lakes and streams. These bits of delicate, vivid blue, dot the canyons and cup-like hollows in the hills, magnificently reflecting the rugged grandeur of the surrounding Sierras shimmering in the warm California sunshine. Like gigantic sapphires at the bottom of some great cup, their waters pure and clean, they are the home of Rainbow, Brown, and Lahontan Trout and other types of fish and wildlife. The scenic beauty is a paradise to the lover of the outdoors. Experience the "New West" in Antelope Valley, CA.

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